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About Cordero Farms

We are located in the northwest part of Lincoln County, Oklahoma, near the town of Tryon. We raise dairy sheep, and also are the home for a couple of draft horses, some Muscovy ducks, and a few dairy goats. Our Maremma livestock guardian dogs protect our stock (and look out for us, too).

We believe in the benefits of grassfed meat and milk. We manage our pastures through rotational grazing and do not use commercial fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on our pastures.

We are committed to re-establishing local food networks and to empowering consumer choice by producing healthy alternatives to nameless, origin-less industrial mega-food products. We believe in a fair price for a fine product and strive to meet the demand of our customers for great tasting, high quality, sustainably grown food.

All those high-falutin’ sounding principles aside, we love our stock, love our land, and love our farm lifestyle. And we hope to help you get to know us as your farmer.

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