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Sooooooo-eeeee, Pig!

June 15, 2013

(Has it really been a month two months since I posted? Oh my…)

As a lover of all things related to college sports, one of my favorite mascots is the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. I mean, what other team has a pig for a mascot? I raised pigs in high school and found them to be fascinating creatures–hardy, useful, and oh so delicious! I’ve raised feeder pigs a few times since, and I really would like to someday keep a few sows and a boar (Mom and Dad pig, for those unfamiliar with the terms). However, I don’t have quite enough time to invest in that type of effort, so I content myself with raising feeder pigs from time to time.4LittlePiggies

I was able to purchase four weaning-age gilts (girl pigs) from a farm in Stillwater a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve spent the time since getting them settled and acclimated. This weekend, I will begin training them to the electric wire, and after that, I’ll expand their pen. These four really like to forage, which fits in well for my plan to have them on some unpastureable land on the west edge of the farm. That will have to wait a few more weeks, because they are not quite big enough to take on a coyote (yet). Once they hit 70 lbs, they should be formidable enough to take care of themselves.

These pigs are Berkshires. Two of them are bound for Living Kitchen Farm and Dairy, one is sold, and one remains to sell. If you’d like to buy a whole or half hog, they will be available late this fall. Berkshires make wonderful eating–don’t buy into that ‘other white meat’ BS–a Berkshire pork chop is pretty close to eating a rib eye beef steak! If you’d like to try some Berkshire pork, you can sign up for the Living Kitchen Pig Roast here. Even if I wasn’t providing the entree, I’d still be attending the Pig Roast–it’s my personal favorite Living Kitchen event.

On the sheep front, it’s been a case of enduring the sudden summer temperatures and the changeover from cool season grasses to warm season grasses and forbs. The lambs are growing well, and with the cool down of temps this weekend, I’m going to try and wean the first group from their mothers.

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