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We Are Blessed

February 17, 2011

As I sit here and enjoy my Greek style yogurt from Wagon Creek Creamery mixed with frozen peaches that I picked last summer at the OSU farm in Perkins, I am reminded how truly blessed I am. I have freezers full of meat, a stocked pantry, a little garden, and sheep growing on the pasture. I have an off-farm job paying the bills (and sometimes driving me crazy), a good family, and lots and lots of love in my life. In the midst of all of this happiness, it’s good for me to understand and know there are lots of folks who don’t have these things. They don’t have jobs, or families, or even full bellies.

Sometimes, the problems of homelessness and hunger seem too large for me to have an impact. Then an opportunity comes along which allows me to help in a way that works for me. My partner here at Cordero Farms, Sue Young, has taken the cow by the tail and is working to turn it into hamburger for the hungry, and she needs your help. You can read all about her project Don’t Have a Cow, Give a Cow here.

Won’t you take a few minutes and make a small donation? Or a big one? 🙂 If 50 people give the cost of their morning latte and scone, Sue will be more than a quarter of the way towards raising enough funds to give hamburger to the hungry in OKC for one month.

It’s the least we can do when we are blessed.

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