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Sissy Got Sheared Yesterday

January 9, 2011

I’m a huge Far Side fan. When Gary Larson decided to put away his pen, the world became a less funny place. I still sprinkle my conversation with Far Side references. “Bummer of a birthmark,” “Damn the electric fence,” and trying to push the door open when it’s clearly marked ‘Pull’ all evoke iconic cartoon images. If you are hanging with me and do something really dumb (or I do something even dumber,) I’ll say, “Way to go, Midvale.” But my all-time favorite Far Side cartoon has to be this one:

"Oh, and here's Luanne now...Bobby just got sheared today, Luanne."

So, yeah, Sissy got sheared yesterday. And so did Osceola, Bisbee, Beulah, and 77 other sheep denizens here at Cordero Farms. Besides shearing, each ewe got checked for internal parasites, got a hoof trim, and received a booster vaccination for CD/T. We check for worms at this time (and give dewormer if needed) because ewes are at the most risk of a parasite infection during their last trimester. The girls really need their annual pedicures–this year was difficult–due to the dry weather, the hooves were very hard. The booster vaccination is needed for the ewe, but we give it at shearing because we want to increase the titer of the antibodies in the colostrum the newborn lambs receive from their recently vaccinated mama. With 80+ sheep to shear, trim, worm, and boost, we get a regular assembly line rolling in order to get done in one day.

You'd think this was one of the first ewes to be trimmed the way Lisa is smilling. Actually, Sissy the ewe was one of the last.

Danny is our shearer. He comes down from his home near Kansas City to shear us, some folks in western Oklahoma, and a farm near Kelleyville, making a weekend of it.

Danny is in the foreground, shearing Osceola, while Lisa is trimming hooves in the background.

See the handpiece Danny is using? The teeth on the comb (the bottom of the two cutting pieces) are widely spaced. This leaves more wool on the ewes than a comb with 15-20 teeth.

See--not so naked these sheep

I’m going to share more pics from shearing over the next couple of days. Sue gets her knee replaced tomorrow, so please send good thoughts and prayers her way.

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  1. Bryan Steffen permalink
    March 1, 2014 9:30 pm

    My boss has a sheep that is several years old and never had hooves trimmed or been sheared she needs it bad…located in Harrisonville Missouri …any chance?

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