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Dreamin’ of Spring

January 5, 2011

I’ve got the next two days set to PTO (paid time off) from the off-farm job. I’m going to be very focused on preparing for two big things headed our way this weekend: Danny, the shearer, and a brutal cold front (Alberta clipper? Siberian storm?).

I was away from the farm all day today at said off-farm job, getting home after dark. I was looking through some saved pics, trying to decide what to post for Day 11, when I ran across this pic from last spring:

Mom and daughter, Lusk and Dubois Grimey

Lusk (one of my favorite towns) is from the Wyoming line. Her daughter, Dubois Grimey is named after 2 things: Dubois (pronounced Dew-boys), another small Wyo town, and Grimey after my childhood friend, Susan Grimes. Dubois Grimey was born on Susan’s birthday, and she requested that we name a lamb after her! Turns out, she got a lambsake that is one of the largest and finest of last year’s lamb crop, just like her namesake is one of my finest friends. We got to see Susan at the Camp Monakiwa reunion last summer, and I swear she hasn’t aged a bit.

Looking at this pic, I smiled to myself and thought, “spring will be here before you know it.” Wonder what outstanding ewe lamb is going to hit the ground this year?

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