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Starting Off the New Year With a Boom!

January 1, 2011

Just before 1 o’clock today, while I was baking biscuits and cooking bacon (from Pork N Greens–delicious!), there was a loud boom, and the house rattled for just a couple of seconds. Was it an earthquake? An explosion? I voted for explosion, because it was so short in duration. I called Dorothy, our neighbor to the west, and she answered the phone with “What was that??? An earthquake or an explosion!?!?” It was nice to have confirmation that it had indeed happened, even if Dorothy had no clue as to the source of it either. Sue went to the USGS website to see if anyone else had reported the event. There were no entries, so she created one with all the pertinent details.

A few hours later, I went to the same website, curious to see if anyone else had reported the event. Lo and behold, this is what I found!

That little blue square is within a mile of our farm!

A seismologist (who got stuck with the New Year’s Day shift, BTW) had already reviewed the data and declared that we had indeed experienced a 2.8 magnitude tembler. Not a big one, but perhaps it was so loud because we were so very close to the epicenter?

Hope your New Year starts with a bang, too! We are very much looking forward to a happy, healthy, fun, and prosperous 2011. We promise to share the “boom” times and the bad times as well and thank you all for all of your patronage and support.

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