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Let’s Talk Turkey

July 22, 2010

Wildlife is a hit-or-miss proposition here at Cordero Farms. Because one or more of the Maremmas has access to the 80 acres all the time, we think their presence has the effect of suppressing wildlife activity, especially with the abundant deer population. However, once I get to thinking that too much, then something happens to surprise me, such as the doe who burst in front of my 4 wheeler headlights one night as I was tooling through the east pasture. And then there are the two pair of roadrunners who seem quite used to us and the dogs. Yesterday, I saw one just hanging out in the shade with Chekov, so I guess the BWDs don’t bother roadrunners too much. 

The area of NW Lincoln County where we live is teeming with wildlife. Lots of cover, plenty of water and forage, and mostly larger acreages makes for pretty decent habitat. The other day, I was just a half mile from home when I spotted this sight: 

One, two, three... FIVE babies!

The pic isn’t of the best quality, since it was taken from an iPhone, but to be able to snap a pic of a mama with her poults is a real treat. I’ve seen upwards of 20 hens hanging out together, or crossing the road together, but I’ve never spotted poults in the wild. To this point, we’ve only seen a few turkey on the farm. Again, we assumed that the dogs were scaring them away. But on Monday, when I was doing chores, I spotted a gorgeous young tom near the lamb pasture. He strolled by Sisko, and Sisko didn’t even turn to look at him, much less bark. Before he scampered off into the brush, I was able to snap this pic: 

They sure do blend in well. Look just in front of the electronet on the left.

 I have seen this young tom twice since then. I’m thinking he’s decided Cordero Farms might not be a bad place to hang out! When mating season rolls around this fall, I’m going to get my turkey call out, and see if he has any neighbors.

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  1. July 22, 2010 10:21 pm

    Hey Nancy, I’m surprised I’m not more familiar with your farm – seems we are into the same sorts of things. I love your blog and what you are doing. I noticed your posting about hay, and unfortunately I don’t have the equipment to make hay yet. However since I can’t bring it to you, you can bring the sheep to me. I’ve got 15 acres of very weedy pasture that needs to be grazed and you are more than welcome to “mow” it for me if you have a trailer and some portable fence.Hooves would be good for the pasture and save me time on the brush hog!

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