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There’s a New Sheriff In Town

June 8, 2010

Well, he’s young enough that he might have to be a deputy for a while. I’ve been wanting to breed Flo for over a year now, but she’s gotten very secretive about when she’s in heat, and I keep missing her. (That time she had to spend in jail last winter was a false alarm.)  So when the opportunity to purchase a nice intact male at a reasonable price fell into my lap, I couldn’t let it pass. Thank you, Sherry Healey from Livermore, Colorado, for sending such a nice dog.

Say hello to Freckles! Handsome guy, huh?

All of our Maremmas are getting long in the tooth. The youngest three, all siblings, are almost five years old, which puts Flo and Nina at prime breeding age. We need to retain at least four pups over the next three years, because we have to allow enough time for the older dogs to train the younger ones. While Sisko and Kira are pretty sound at almost 10 and almost 11 years, respectively, they are both starting to show signs of age. Over the next couple of years, we’ll phase them out of ‘active’ guard duty.

Mr. Freckles is 8 months old chronologically, but in the two days he’s been here, I can tell he has an old soul. He’s very, very shy, so we’re keeping him with the yearling rams and weaned goats for a week or two in a pen instead of on pasture, until he feels really comfortable around us. After that, we’re going to put him with Flo until she cycles. He comes from the same gentleman in Italy from where I imported my original stud dog, Sisko. In fact, he is the great-grandson of a very famous female, whose picture I featured here. Freckles wouldn’t be my first choice for a name, but he does answer to it, so we’ll keep it 😉

We will be sure to post lots of pics of the new boy over the next few months. We’re excited he’s here and think he’s a fantastic addition to the farm.

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