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Our First Nominee: Mother of the Year, 2010

March 6, 2010

I am sorry to have stayed away from here so long. Normally, I try to post every other day or so, but this week has been crazy with the off-farm job, getting caught up on some sleep, the Oklahoma Food Co-op Annual Meeting (in about 10 hours), and two little bottle lambs in the house. We’ve got five ewes left to pop, and none of them look ready for at least a few more days. So, during this down time in lambing, I’d like to start to introduce our candidates for Mother of the Year. This award goes to the ewe who best personifies good mothering and disciplined lamb rearing. Ewes that have lost a lamb or had to give up a lamb to the bottle are not eligible for the award, and the judging is solely based on this year’s performance. After I’ve introduced all of the candidates over the next week or so, y’all are encouraged to chime in with your vote.

The first nominee is Maya, full name Maya Angelou:

Maya stands proudly with her three peas in a pod

Maya is a 5-year-old, half Hamp, half dairy charcoal colored ewe. The Hamp part of her is short for Hampshire, a meat breed, so she carries more flesh than a typical dairy ewe. This is her third year to lamb, and she has had twins or triplets each year. This year, she had 1 girl and 2 boys with *no* assistance. Maya always seems to have all three babies in tow, and when she doesn’t, she is looking for the third one. She’s easy-going, but firm, and seems to have a very strong bond with her lambs. All three have pretty outgoing personalities and exhibit a lot of self-confidence, which we attribute to Maya’s influence. Her daughter is a candidate for retaining in the flock.  Maya exemplifies the best traits of a good mother: strong attachment to her lambs, the ability to count to three, and a calm, personable demeanor.

I’ll post pics of the other nominees throughout the week. Hope to see lots of y’all at the annual meeting!

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  1. Sue permalink
    March 6, 2010 5:58 pm

    Any sheep with hamp is out of the running, as far as I’m concerned. Those hamps are fence-breaking, pushy, and sometimes mean, especially to newborns that are not theirs. I’m saving my vote for a dairy ewe.

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