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Change for Change’s Sake?

February 24, 2010

Well, not really. The new blog theme is more a change for my eyes’ sake. I was having too hard of a time reading my own writing without glasses! Give me some feedback if you like or don’t. I’m willing to change it again, LOL.

We’re halfway through lambing in just 10 days! Right now, we’re running pretty close on boys vs girls. With the last set of twins born, the boys pulled ahead. I think we’ll be almost through before the Oklahoma Food Co-op rescheduled annual meeting (March 6th). I feel a little bit like I’m about to jinx the no-hitter, but this has been a really strong bunch of lambs. I’ve had to hit a couple of chilled lambs with IP (intraperitoneal) dextrose, and they’ve responded to that and a couple hours wrapped up in a warm towel in the house.

Rap tells Dover to stay on the rug if he's going to pee

When they get back to mama and the barn, they settle right back in and do well. It hasn’t been great weather for lambing, especially with most of them dropping at night. I give credit to this set of mamas for being so attentive and healthy.

After his warm-up time in the house, Dover is glad to be back with Mom and brother Shelby


Off to the barn to check on Marin and Malibu…

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