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An Oldie, But Goodie

February 18, 2010

Fargo is one of the oldest ewes in the flock. She’s a real people sheep–she always makes sure to greet us when we walk through the pen. She’s been carrying around a cow-sized udder for a week now, so I’ve really been watching her closely, always making sure I check her when I look in on the girls. Today, she waddled over to eat corn at dinner time showing signs of stage one labor. I moved her into the barn a few hours after that and expected to find a couple of babies after returning home from Perkins around 9 pm.

When we found her no further along, we decided to go ahead and examine her to see if she needed help. Sure enough, she had presented a lamb normally, but it was way too big for her to push out on her own. I managed to pull while she pushed, and out slipped a beautiful ewe lamb.

Baby's First Bath, courtesy of mama Fargo

We named the girl Tioga. I’m on my way back to the barn to see if Tioga has a little brother or sister. Stay tuned…

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