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Waiting is the Hardest Part

February 12, 2010

Still no babies 😦

Several other ewes have stepped up to assert their potential claim to the firstborn lambkin of the year. Casey, Fargo, Providence, and Stillwater are all bagging up big-time. Until the first lamb hits the ground, one tends to see signs of ewes being ‘close’ everywhere. After the first arrival, there is much less vigilance on my part. I guess the newness wears off quickly each season.

Dumond, you better get crackin' if you're going to be first this year!

My, myself, the bag inspector, has an ever-growing list of girls to monitor. In addition to checking bags, I’m looking for signs that the fetus(es) have dropped. When I see a big dent in a ewe’s side, in front of her hip and under her loin, then I know she’s within 48 hours of giving birth. According to that metric, there will be lambs on the ground at Cordero Farms by Sunday noon. Yee-ha!!!

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