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There Is No Joy In Mudville

February 5, 2010

And it has nothing to do with Casey, but more to do with the El NiÑo Southern Ocillation (ENSO). A really wet snow on top of a lot of ice, no sun, almost no wind, and a string of cold days and nights has left us with more mud than we have even with the late spring downpours. I think the ewes are weathering (pun intended) the grayness better than I am; of course, the sheep are much more stoic than I’ll ever be.

This low place only has standing water when the ground is *really* saturated

I couldn’t bear to post a ‘mud pic.’ I know y’all are probably thinking that I’m obsessed with the weather (you’d be right), but lambs will be arriving soon, and a nice little warmup in advance would give me a ray of hope for spring. In the meantime, enjoy these charts which reflect more what I expected for lambing… a little wetter with near normal temps, not a LOT wetter with continued cold/cool temps:

That spot NE of OKC, that's us! Supposedly slightly wetter?

Same spot NE of OKC, white for NEAR NORMAL! (Yeah, right)

Am I suffering from SAD, such that I might be blowing this out of proportion? Perhaps. Just give me one sunny day, and all will be forgiven, you silly bambino. (You can see full-sized versions of these charts here)


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