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The View From Ollie

January 21, 2010

Sorry that it has taken me a few days to provide any updates. Since Sunday, a nasty upper respiratory infection has made its way through the human inhabitants of Cordero Farms. On the plus side, the days of feeling like death-warmed-over were short-lived, and by mid-week, we’ve started to feel better, even if we don’t sound better. It’s a good thing, because this week was co-op delivery week, and the shearer is coming on Saturday afternoon. But today’s big event was the arrival of a semi-load of alfalfa hay!

Yee-ha! Look at all that pretty alfalfa! (That's my dad next to the trailer)

I buy all of my alfalfa from my brother. He wanted to bring a semi-load on Sunday, but the roads were just too muddy to get through with a semi-trailer. Thanks to Leah from Cocina San Pasqual for taking care of our co-op orders so we could stay home to unload hay. I love the net-wrapped round bales because there is less waste from weather than twine-tied bales. The round bales are also much less labor intensive than feeding small squares. To feed them requires a good-sized tractor, preferably with a front-end loader. Our farm tractor is a 1969 Oliver named Ollie. Today, I’d like to share the view from Ollie while we unload the round bales.

Ollie can barely reach the top-most round bale on the stack with the Moline front loader

The semi was too long to get into the driveway, so I just unloaded from the road.

Just enough torque to raise 1500 lbs of alfalfa

I sure appreciate my brother growing such nice hay and bringing it to us!

Smile, John, you're on the internet!

It took a little over an hour to unload and place 23 bales. Now that the ewes are in their third trimester of gestation, we like to bump the protein levels in their ration. And the ewes *love* alfalfa. Once they’ve lambed, they’ll have access to all the alfalfa they can eat until the spring pasture comes in completely.

And the sun smiles on the rows of hay


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