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It’s a Movie Premiere… It’s a Carnival Ride…

January 17, 2010

Nope. It’s a wreck! Thursday at dusk, as I was driving down the dirt road towards home after a day at the off-farm job in Tulsa, I noticed a highway patrol car pulling into the neighbor’s place. I thought that was odd, since we live at least 3 miles off of a highway. As I topped the hill that overlooks the east pasture, I saw flashing blue and red lights and a bunch of commotion at home. I pulled up, rolled down my window, and said to the deputy, “This is my place!” He told me that the neighbor kid had lost control of his truck, ran through the front fence, and hit a power pole, breaking it off about 6 ft off of the ground. CREC (the rural electric co-op) was already there, stabilizing the lines. No sign of any sheep or any BWDs. I asked him if the dogs were bothering them, and he said they were leaving them alone. I checked to make sure the neighbor kid was ok (he was) and then went to check on the animals. Meanwhile, CREC continued to work to fix the pole and restore power. The neighbors had already put the fence back in place. The dogs had driven the sheep back towards their pen and away from all the commotion. All I had to do was put away a few strays and then watch as the guys from CREC did their thing.

It took three trucks and about three hours to put Humpty Dumpty back together

After they drilled the new hole, they turned around and picked up the new pole

Right now, it's almost as high as the lines that the basket on the left is holding up and back

After they drop the pole in, the second truck backs up to provide assistance in the air to secure the lines to the new pole

You couldn't get me up there! (In the dark, no less!)

Because they were able to shut off the power, it went a lot faster, and it was a lot safer

Look at that new pole! Now we have to fix the fence as soon as it stops raining.

Thanks, CREC. Y’all are the best!

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