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Hangin’ With The BWDs

January 14, 2010

Yesterday was glorious from a weather perspective. I could have *almost* worn shorts–in January! The ground has finally thawed enough that I could pull and fold a bunch of electronet fencing that had stood in the same place since before Christmas. As I walked, pulled, and folded, I was joined by four of the five Maremmas. Now, supposedly, only two of those Maremmas (or Big White Dogs) are supposed to be loose. The other two, Sisko and Nina, are each designated to be in a pen: Sisko with the prego ewes and Nina with the teenage lambs. Lately, either or both of those two have decided that they need to be outside the pens to do their job. Because I’ve not been running electricity through the electronet due to the snow storm, they both have figured out they can just scoot under or jump over the netting. I don’t really mind. Both are well-bonded to their stock and know what they need to do. I learned a long time ago to just trust them (once they’ve demonstrated they are trustworthy adult dogs), and they rarely let me down.

Meanwhile, back at my task, as I was about halfway through a section of netting, there commenced to be much barking and carrying on over near the ravine. When I finished that section, I walked over to investigate. Several of the BWDs were gathered, staring and barking into a thicket. Here’s what I saw:

Armadillos -- they're not just in Texas any more!


What a smart varmint! Because the thicket is right by the ravine, I haven’t brush hogged it, because there’s a tricky slope there. Here’s the scope of it:

The thicket is a combo of multiflora rose (nasty, thorny stuff), something that looks like a dull version of holly, and leftover ragweed stems.


After a minute, the dogs decided the armadillo wasn’t going to budge from its safe spot, so they all laid down on the remains of a bale of oat hay. All except Chekov (on the left), who felt like he needed to keep a closer eye on the evil varmint.

Smart dogs! Hay piles are warm in winter due to their composting action.


Of course, our Aussie herding pup, Rap, had to come over to see what all the fuss was about. His curiosity lasted about 10 seconds, and he was off running around again while the Maremmas lounged in the setting sun. All except Chekov, who waited patiently for the armadillo to make a mistake.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

He finally gave up when I started feeding. Smart dog. Great day 😀

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